Our Conquest Is The Roads Of India

We, Humans,

                 have created complex civilisations, artificial intelligence, and even unlocked space exploration. But while focusing on the big things, we may have forgotten about the small things with huge repercussions; keeping our planet clean. We know how much this sounds like a broken record at this point. However, we cannot help but jump on the bandwagon, since it is a scary issue that grows out of our control every day.

If you are an avid traveller, then you may or may not have taken road trips to admire the beauty our country has to offer. But did you know that:

  • As of 2017, the national highways of India constitute just 1.94% of 5.8 million km of road networks.
  • The highways carry about 40% of the total road traffic.
  • The frequency of cleaning these highways is very low.
  • The trash littered highways passing through rural areas remain entirely neglected.

In a recent case of extreme levels of garbage piling up along the Delhi-Gurgaon Expressway, blame was thrown around from one authority to the other. Highway operator Skylark officials who are tasked with the upkeep of these lanes claimed that despite cleaning the lanes regularly, the waste piles up again by the evening of the same day. While it is easier to blame the authorities, it is often overlooked that it is us, the users, who are misusing our privilege.

We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate change and the last generation who can do something about it

Barak Obama

How bad is it?

A case study by Thanal Trust on the plastic littered on NH 66 in Kerala reveals shocking numbers. The state average plastic litter index for towns and villages is 0.75 number of plastic pieces litter per square meter. Now, as for NH66, the numbers are at a baffling 3.57 gm of plastic litter per square meter, which sums up to 32719.83kg of plastic littered in the total area. Take a second to reel that in. There are lakhs of square kilometres our Indian highways cover. Imagine a similar index of plastic littered all across the country.

We keep our homes clean since we have a sense of responsibility when it comes to our spaces. However, this sense of responsibility is thrown out the window the second we leave our houses. We have to do our part in battling this man-made monster that is slowly consuming our cities and villages

There are lakhs of square kms our Indian highways cover. Imagine similar index of plastic littered all across the country. #caretoclean

How we fit into the picture

After 3 years of research, analysis and hard work, we came up with a solution – Clean Trash, all while keeping our principles at the core of the design. Clean Trash is a trash bag designed specifically for your cars. The recycled polyester used for making it helps you store both dry and wet waste. It is also a multi-utility product – it can double down as a portable cooler bag due to its insulation. We also believe in a holistic approach toward sustainability, which is why our packaging is almost zero waste – a reusable tote bag that you can use and a recycled mailing packet.

We like to lead by example, which is why we started The Care to Clean Initiative. For every sale made, we contribute to helping provide a cleaner and better lifestyle to the underprivileged. When you buy Clean Trash, you are helping in more ways than one.

We have seen several movies and shows focusing on post-apocalyptic scenarios. Although those romanticised versions of apocalypse look pretty adventurous, our bodies would disagree with the “adventure”. We are made to survive on Earth, one that is not polluted. There are no plan-Bs or planet-Bs for us.

So, don't be that guy.

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