About US.

We are a team of highly motivated car enthusiasts with one aim – To get the best possible products to the hands of the consumer and bring back the joy that is a drive. 

What motivates us

Inspired by the commitment to keep the world clean of the excess trash that makes its way to the roads of our cities, we at Clean Trash decided to take this problem head-on one step at a time. This is where the idea of the product “Clean Trash” came into the picture.


The obsession on quality

We ventured through the alleyways and the gullys of the internet and the metro cities of India in search of the perfect material that would make our Car storage/trash bags virtually indestructible and amazingly water sealed and insulated. This meant that the end product would perform exactly as intended, no matter what it is being put through, from the snowy mountain peaks of the Himalayas to the scorching heat of the Thar desert, this bag has proven its will to survive.

This is clean trash. This is what we do.

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