Clean Trash

the responsible way to keep your car trash free

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Leak Proof

Fits Perfectly

Easy To Clean

Compact And Collapsible

A great cooler bag

Fits in your car like a glove

Tested in 150+ car models, clean trash is designed in a way to fit behind or under the front seat perfectly. Once installed, you will not even feel it. For a car that is clean and free of clutter, try Cleantrash!

Tested in 150+ car models

Product Features

Clean Trash is easy-to-use, lightweight and can collapses down to a fraction of its size, making it perfect for when you are on-the-go. Plus, it’s machine washable, so you can keep it clean and fresh no matter where you go. Ready to try Clean Trash? Click the Buy Now button below.

Product Overview

The responsible way to keep your car trash free.

Truly Rugged

Keep your car clean and organized with clean trash! Our heavy-duty polyester exterior shell will last for years and can easily be cleaned with a damp cloth. Simply open the lid and put your trash in – it’s that easy!

Designed to withstand rough use, it is the perfect solution for your car, SUV, bike or even a truck.

Leak proof for up to 7 days

The ultimate solution – Clean Trash is lined with heavy duty propriety rubber polymer lining designed to hold liquid for over a week with
0 leaks guaranteed.

Keeps wet and dry waste inside, Keeps your car Clean.

Also a great cooler bag

Not just a high-tech trash bag, Clean Trash also works as an ideal cooler bag. Our custom insulating expanded polyethylene foam makes sure ice stays frozen for up to 6 hrs* and beverages cold for up to 8 hrs*, making it the perfect companion for every road trip

*as tested on a sunny afternoon in 28 degree weather.

Product Overview

The responsible way to keep your car trash free.


Lined with heavy-duty polyester exterior shell, Clean Trash can withstand repeat and rough use with no signs of wear and tear

Leak Proof

Encased with proprietary rubber polymer technology, Clean trash is designed to hold liquids of all kinds for up to 7 days with no signs of leakage.

Fits Perfectly

Hand tested in 150+ car models, behind and under the front seats you can be assured that Clean Trash will fit perfectly in all your cars.

Easy to Clean

Clean Trash is made to be easily cleaned. Simply wipe the inner lining with a damp cloth for light cleaning or wash in a washing machine for deep cleaning.

Compact and collapsible

Made with polyester exterior shell and rubber means Clean Trash is easily collapsible when not in use.

A great cooler bag

Not just a high tech trash bag. Clean Trash is lined with custom insulating expanded polyethylene foam - capable of holding temperatures for up to 8 hrs. The best compact ice cooler bag for your car.

The Care to Clean Initiative

A Nobel initiative by the people behind Clean Trash for those in need. #CareToClean

Let's get responsible together​

We like to lead by example, which is why we started The Care to Clean Initiative. For every sale made, we make a contribution to help provide a cleaner and better lifestyle to the underprivileged. When you buy Clean Trash, you are helping in more ways than one.

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My friend gifted me this. I never thought a product like cleantrash would make life this easier. Very handy. Me being a clean freak, I really loved this product. Will be ordering one more to use as chiller!

Aditya Singh Katihar

I absolutely love my clean trash. Great price, super sturdy material and great size. Neatly tucks in below the seat ( which I found to be the most useful). Use it for trash or use it to store various car items. I use it to store random stuff in my car, I'm surprised by the capacity it can hold!

Soma Kiran

Clean trash is the best solution for water storage during long journeys in this Summer! I recently travelled with my family and I was so happy that I made this purchase, the water was as cold as when I bought it. Afterwards, I used it to put the empty bottles, till I could find appropriate place to discard them. It's multipurpose and super helpful.